Friday, May 27, 2011

Who says rocket ships and space are just for boys

No way....ROCKET AGE rocks!
Most people walk into the store, and at first glance may think, they may not have a use for rocket ships and space kinda paper, BUT, I beg to differ. Just open your minds, think outside the box, think outside the lines, and think of the LAYOUT possibilites that this FANTASTIC line of papers offer. So far I have managed to do two separate layouts...neither of them boy or space related. Part of the line is also, this great little pack of goodies called "miscellany", which comes with lots of little odds and ends which are SOOOOO good for some clustering and embellishing.

Look closely at the word "LOVE"....I wrote the word in pencil, used my paper piercer to poke holes and then handstitched it. Got to say, I quite like the result of that.
Wishing you all a weekend filled with some time to create.
Happy scrapping, happy crafting.


  1. love your blog and your page is it!!