Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going outside my comfort zone

There is no doubt about it, I absolutely LOVE sketches. I also like the simple task of scraplifting. Just makes everything so much quicker and easier. No guessing, no matching, no moving papers around and about the page. But every now and then, I also like to just put a photo on a page and go with what comes to mind. Without, a plan, or an idea. Sometimes its a product that gets me going....and I have to say that with this layout it definitely was the product. I am a huge fan of Studio Calico stuff, and even if I don't necessarily know immediately what I will do with it, I do know that it will make it to a page some time sooner or later. The reason that I call this post "going outside my comfort zone", is because, although I love sprays and rubons....I don't always feel comfortable using them. I know WHY I don't either!!!! They are permanent, really permanent. The whole idea makes me nervous, NOT because of the commitment of putting them down on the page, but because, if I make a mistake or not happy with a result, I am stuck. Mistakes and all.

So this is my layout....a whole layout FULL of Studio Calico goodies. Then some BRAVERY of spraying tattered angels, and if you look really closely over my writing, you will see that it is less than perfect. It is not where I wanted or intended for the spray to go. But I had to let go of that wanting perfection, because years from now, or even children will never realize or know that that blob of spray was NOT supposed to be there. They will look at the layout, read the words and be thankful.....thankful to know what there mom was thinking and feeling.
I encourage YOU to go outside your comfort zones, to embrace imperfection and to let go.....just a little.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A scrappy weekend

What a wonderful long weekend, filled with lots of relaxation, food and scrap time.
My scrapping goal for this weekend, was to accomplish three layouts that I have had in my head for the past couple of weeks. Well....mission accomplished.
Now, I am not always such a big fan of ALL basic grey, however, I absolutely LOVED "wander", and knew that I was going to use it for this layout. I was not quite sure exactly what I was going to do, so I simply just pulled out the entire collection, and took it from there. There are so many elements within this paper, that are easy to cut out and use to embellish. It is hard to look at a "busy" piece of paper, and imagine how and where to use it. Sometimes, it is good to imagine it in small pieces, simply as accents or embellishments.
Have to say that this collection pack allows for alot of that kind of thing....cut around a shape, pop dot, and VOILA!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, and a good week ahead!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just some "Stamping Bella" Love, maybe I could get used to using some stamps on layouts! Getting a little more BRAVE to do so. But, how could you resist them "circle stamps". Did I even mention that they fit with some punches? I love this set of "Julies perfect circles" How much fun one can have with these?

Well, I got to say that this layout started from just stamping the circles on a plain ole piece of white cardstock...just an experiment, you know. However, this experiment kinda turned out to be a finished layout. The possibilities are endless for some circles....I mean REALLY endless. You might be seeing a few layouts that are involved with these circles. Also, nothing quite like getting to use some of our older paper. I LOVE that!!! OUT WITH THE OLD....IN WITH THE NEW!
Anyway, wishing you all a GOOD PASSOVER, A HAPPY EASTER and a WONDERFUL whatever it is you may celebrate.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some new Stamping Bella stamps are coming

And I love them.....
Can you see them?
You see where it says "this is US"
You see where it says "this is YOU"


Those are them.....the new "Stamping Bella" Stamps.
Just to let you know that there is also a "this is ME" in the set.

So much fun doing this layout....especially getting to use paper from the new Crate Paper Portrait Collection. Have to say that this layout was actually inspired by a picture that Emily had showed me from from Pinterest, just of tumbling frames. It is great to be able to take something from somewhere else and use it as inspiration for a layout. Whether it be colour combinations, fonts or design principles....there is inspiration all around us. It is just up to us to see it, notice it and apply it in some way or another.
Wishing you all a week filled with inspiration!