Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life is Good

I am one of those people who believe that it is okay to admit to myself "I like what I did", and I truly can say that about this layout. When this paper came into the store, I knew exactly that I wanted to do a layout with it, using the little squares as a sort of house for different elements or pictures. I started off by just stamping that fabulous "Ali Edwards" stamp, and going from there, just wanting the pictures to show a little of OUR everyday life. It is wonderful to have photographs that document the ordinary everyday, and these photos were all taken to include at different times in my Project Life. There is no denying that the "special occasion" pics are just that.....SPECIAL! But it is these everyday moments, that we tend to just forget, never print the pics for and sure as anything never do a scrapbook page with. Well, it is these pictures that have NOW become a huge part of my scrapbooking process.
It is the "wonderful ordinary everyday" that I want to be able to look back at, or my family to be able to look back at, and remember.

I encourage you to do a layout depicting a little of the everyday goodness in your lives. Nothing fancy, no special occasion, just the simple everyday stuff.
Wishing everyone a holiday season filled with health, happiness and time to craft.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking the Rules

It seems as though we have some imaginary rules that hang over our heads, meaning "Project Life" is intended to be to documented every week, so that is "THE RULE", that we believe we need to follow and live by. Well, have I got news for you!!!! I broke the rule! But, really, who's rule? Seemingly, my own.
Whilst I was putting together week 29, I realized that I really did not have to much to say or show for it.....and after much agonizing and seeking out permission from fellow project life, partner in crime, Helen, I decided it was OKAY to combine two weeks together in one spread.

I mean really, as if some "Project Life" police are actually going to come to the door and question the fact. Also, I told myself that it was just better to get it done, rather than fall behind. In all the years to come, who is going to notice, care or pay attention to the fact that weeks 29 and 30 were together.....if anything, they will be grateful that there was documentation of these weeks in our life, rather than none at all.
Once I had given myself permission to go ahead and do this, it really made doing these two weeks very easy and fast to actually do. I also have to be completely honest in saying my greatest inspiration for my Project Life is referring to, and sometimes copying ideas from Lisa Truesdell's blog (http://gluestickgirl.typepad.com/). She is the most awesome "Project Lifer", and in fact, did a complete post on her whole process of getting together her pages.
Some advice....if you are thinking about, and comtemplating this remarkable documentation process for the new year ahead, do yourself a favour and check out her blog.
And, if you should see some similarities....you know, I was peeking at hers.
I encourage everyone to embark on "Project Life", we only got one life, it is an important one....DOCUMENT IT.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Back to School layout

Well it was only a couple of months ago, that I actually scrapped the back to school pics from last year, so I was determined that this year I would get the job done before the end of the year. This layout was based on a sketch that I pinned from pinterest, and I had also set myself the goal of mixing and matching papers and embellishments that were from several different lines. As I always say, there is something wonderful about using up stash that has been sitting for a while. For this layout, I managed to use Studio Calico paper, October Afternoon and Fancy Pants.

Sometimes it can be so difficult to sit down and just get a layout started. My answer to that is always the same..... "If you don't know where to start, simply start with a sketch"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fancy Pants goes Back to School

Ok....so sometimes a line of paper and embellishments comes along, when you say to yourself,
"mmm, I think I got to have it all." Well, more often than not, we got to have it all, for all the lines that we love. I have to say, I purchased the entire "Fancy Pants", "Its the simple things", line, which I took away with me to Hong Kong to complete my mini book whilst away. Then, the Back to School line came out, and again, I purchased all the goodies. Sometimes I just find it so much easier, when everything is made to mix and match, and I don't have to sit with all my STUFF, and sort through to decide what goes on the layout. This layout was totally inspired by a digital layout, that I had seen on the "oscraps" blog (I love there digi stuff), however, I am also definately NOT a digital scrapbooker. It is nice to be able to take a digi and scraplift it, using all your favorite papers and embellishments.

As much as I love using everything from the same line, I am also kind of setting myself a little challenge for the next layout I do. That is, using papers from several different lines on the same layout! For sure, a little more thought involved in that. However, as I have said before, I LOVE being able to use older papers in order to get rid of stuff, and make room for new.
I encourage you to challenge yourself to something new!
Don't spend to much time thinking about what you are going to do....just DO IT!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 25 and still going strong

Yep, week 25 of Project Life, and still loving it.
So much so, that this week I will be ordering my kit for 2012. If you haven't seen what the choices are, I suggest you wander over to Becky Higgins Blog and check out the choices. Either Clementine or Cobalt. Any suggestions?

I have to say that I have drawn a ton of inspiration from reading Lisa Truesdells (gluestick girl)
blog posts. In fact, I was totally motivated to go out and get myself a typewriter, just because her journaling cards just looked so absolutely fabulously cool with typewritten font. (I do know that can also be done on the computer.) If you haven't checked out her blog, you absolutely should.

I will still admit to the fact that Project life is a time consuming endeavor, however I also still BELIEVE a very well worth endeavor. I have gotten into a groove of getting it done, simply by starting on a Thursday evening (provided I have time), printing a couple of pics from the week till that point, and then continuing on a Saturday or Sunday. I have also discovered that in the whole Project Life process, I have found myself grouping goodies, stickers, journaling cards and embellishments in a certain spot all together, so that I can simply pull out my "project life" box and get going. IT IS FUN, IT IS REAL, IT IS A DOCUMENT.

I have said before, and I will continue to say, that it NEEDS NOT be complicated. It is however you want it to be. Looking back, there are definately some weeks that are more embellished and decorated than others. I have also allowed myself permission to combine two weeks, if I have neglected to take enough pics to fill up for one week. This whole "Project Life" thing is wonderful....I am so glad to be doing it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's my style????

I can't tell you HOW many countless hours I have spent looking online at various art journaling blogs, trying so hard to learn, copy and incorporate ALL that I see, into my art journal.
For that day, there is nothing quite like it, and I think to myself "OMG, I want my pages to look just like those".....example, Pam Garrisons pages. Until the next day, and the next style that I see. From paint, to doodling, to collage, to just plain old journaling. Trying so hard to find the one technique or type, that I can truly say, "that's my style". Well guess what.....I have finally given myself permission to acknowledge the fact that I can just carry on enjoying the process, whatever that may be, without having to try and fit myself into a style or mold. I mean, I like it all, so WHY do I have to limit myself to just one specific look. There is something to be said for doing a little bit of everything. Our mood changes on a daily (or hourly basis), and that can be reflected in the type of page we just feel like doing. I am okay with the fact, that ALL my pages are different....I'm learning to like that! And like I always say....there are no rules in art journaling, there is no right or wrong.

Just let yourself go within a blank page, don't spend so much time thinking about what its supposed to look like at the end, don't rush out and buy things because you think you should.
Use what you have and enjoy the process.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A layout challenge

Well if any of you have seen the new line of Amy Tangerine Papers for American Crafts, you will understand where my idea of a layout came from. I was at work and kept hinting to Emily that we needed to look at this really cute Amy Tangerine line. Finally, enough was enough....we sat down together and looked at all the paper and goodies. CUTE....REALLY CUTE!
There was one style of paper that had some print on the left side with clouds kinda over it. We didn't order it, however, Emily did put the idea into my head that it would be a great challenge if I could do a layout, with the same idea, using some "Stamping Bella" stamps.
Now how perfect is it that the "I AM script" and "Cloudy hanging block" actually exist, within the line of the greatest stamps in the world.

It was a great starting point for my layout, and without a doubt a challenge for me. Especially that there was nothing, like a sketch that I had in mind to go from. I just sat down, decided to use paper that I had, and went with it. You know what? I kinda like the way it turned out. I also proved to myself that I don't always NEED to have a sketch to get started. The best way to get a layout started, is to just sit down, challenge yourself by pulling out a few papers and a few embellishments, and JUST DO IT!
Wishing you all everything wonderful for the week ahead.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Art Journal Monday

Wow, September 12th.....really? When did that happen? Didn't the Summer just begin?
WHERE DID IT ALL GO, and so fast?
So here I am, kids settled in back at school, Honk Kong vacation just a memory, longer nights, shorter days, you know, back into the whole routine of life. In the whole scheme of things, it is very easy to get "swallowed" up into this everyday routine, so much so, that we seldom have time to enjoy or participate in our leisure activities, simply because at the end of each day, we may also be just to tired.
Now you see, over at the Stamping Bella blog....there is this fantabulous "Art Journal" Monday thing. So each week Emily kinda dishes out something to get the juices flowin' on the page.
The prompt for this week was using your favorite quote. So here is mine.

Don't let the whole art journaling thing intimidate you, there is NO right or wrong, it is what it is, it's what you feel, it's what translates from the heart and soul right at that moment. There is no method, there is no medium that says "this is for ART JOURNALING". It is what you FEEL!
Now I can only encourage you to pick up a book, any blank book, and get started!
You will be glad you did.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


C'mon people, how can you NOT want, need, have to have a "smash" journal!
It is imperative, a must, a definate!
Even if you plan to NEVER stick a thing into it, the pages are simply beautiful...you will enjoy looking at them, amongst all the supplies you also look at, and rarely use.
For those of you who are not familiar with Smash or have never seen any of the products. It is the most outstanding line of scrapbooking/journaling "STUFF" (for lack of better word), that has been marketed in such a way, that makes you just WANT to HAVE it all.
I guarantee after watching the little video snip on the "SMASH" blog, you to, will want one.
I remember in high school taking a plain, undecorated composition book, bought from the drugstore, and simply sticking absolutely every single thing, that had an iota of meaning to me in it. I mean from gum wrappers to notes passed in class, to movie stubs and napkins from restaurants. I can truly say that was definately the beginning of "scrapbooking" for me.
So now, years later......along comes "SMASH".

I like to think of my Smash book as simply a place to put anything that appeals to me...where there is NO right or wrong way of doing it. Where I can simply just glue or tape something in, that would have otherwise gotten lost or have not had the importance or look for a scrapbook page. How many times have you torn out a recipe from a magazine, and shoved it into your purse, only to re-emerge a year later as something you can't read or remember tearing out?
Well now you can just "SMASH" it in.

Wishing you all a wonderful last couple of weeks to "SMASH" before the Summer is done.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hong Kong Mini Book

How cool is this....I am still halfway across the world from home, and I am able to do a blog post. It blows me away! All I can say is thank goodness for iphones, macbooks and cameras. Those would have to be my top three possessions I would take to a deserted island.
I bought the "fancy pants" brag book, and decorated the front cover before I left. I also packed several of the papers and some embellishments from the "it's the simple things" collection, as well as a couple sheets of sassafras letter stickers and 7 gypsies 97% complete stickers. I figured that packing just a small collection of goodies, I would be able to do my book along the way.
So here it is.... I am glad to say that I have kept up my mini book (and project life) on a day to day basis.

I have either had some pictures developed at the one hour photo print stores, which I have then picked up later in the day en route back to the hotel, or I relax my very weary feet over coffee whilst I wait for them.
The small pictures that you see, I have printed those out on my little handy dandy portable "pogo" photo printer. I have to say that this has been quite a useful thing to have with me. I actually love it to just be able to print out a quick pic.
I knew that I wanted to do this book whilst being away, because the truth of the matter is, that once home, the chances are it just never gets completed, either because the busy routine of life does not permit the time to sit down and complete and entire mini book, and more so, after a trip, the excitement is kinda over along with the end of the holiday.
My pencil case was packed with just a few things: a tape runner (and refill), small scissors, mini stapler, journaling pen and a couple of rolls of happy tape. However I also did pack my paper trimmer. Yep, that's it!

I hope that the next time you are going away, you will prepare a little bundle of goodies to take along for the ride with you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WEEK 13 of Project Life

Wow....I can't believe I have finished Week 13 and have kept up to date with this. I know that I have said several times before how much I enjoy doing my Project Life, but, let me say again....I think that this is THE GREATEST and most HONEST way of scrapbooking, without actually scrapbooking. You see, the difference is, that with doing a traditional kind of layout, we got to find the perfect picture, which is sometimes very posed; and then we need to match it to the paper, make sure we find just the right embellishments.....and now that we have gathered the goodies, we have to sit down and ACTUALLY do the layout. Whereas, with this little gem of Project Life....every picture, good or bad can make the cut. WHY? because it's LIFE!
It's the normal, everyday kinda stuff that, as much as we would like to, we never get around to scrapbooking. I am also extremely excited to say that as of Friday "Project Life" is going to Hong Kong. Yep, it's traveling to a new continent for two whole weeks.
So here is my spread for Week 13! And if any of you ever think you would like to do something like this....stop thinking, and just do it.




Saturday, July 16, 2011

How can you NOT love HOMETOWN SUMMER

In my opinion, this collection falls nothing short of OUTSTANDING.
Its absolute cuteness, charm and whimsy combined with the quality of the goods....simply won't disappoint. Not sure if any of you are familiar or ever scrapped with the great quality and design, of what used to be "Collage Press". Well, Hometown Summer is the wonderful collaboration of Collage Press and Pink Paislee. I guarantee that you will find the collection as wonderful as I did. The package of die cuts and borders is sure to please, with LOTS and LOTS of cuteness and colour. Perfect combination for Summertime kinda pics.
I knew that this paper and goodies would be just right for pictures that I wanted to use.
I also just picked a sketch, the first sketch I saw, without looking further. That way it does not become overwhelming or confusing to sit down and start a layout. I find that the more I look for the "perfect" sketch, the more time I waste, and the less likely I am to actually get anything accomplished.
So here it is....my "Little Neighbourhood Watch" layout. MMMM....where did the time fly? Those little peeps in the layout are almost going to be 16! WOW!!!!!
Remember, your layouts are almost like a biography....get them done. Someone, later on will be glad that you did.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharing some Project Life

I am currently on Week 11 of Project Life, and still loving it!
Yes, it is time consuming.....but only because of the amount of time that I CHOOSE to spend doing it. I find myself taking pics of all sorts of everyday moments.....moments that NEVER would have made it to a scrapbook page. It is these "everyday" moments that I look at, and am grateful to have captured. I am also now so incredibly aware of taking pictures, almost all the time....which is where my iphone and I have bonded even more closely.


Basically, I try really hard to keep up with this, so that I am not left doing the entire week all on one day. If there is a picture that I know I want to include, I simply print it out, and immediately and put it in. Same goes for all the goodies that I may collect on a day to day basis...such as movie stubs and receipts that I may want to include.


It is easy for me to say that "Project Life" is definitely something that, at this point, I can see myself doing on a yearly basis. I mean, how great will it be for one day, my children to look back upon, and see all the "little moments, that helped make life big."
Here's to all of you, and your little moments.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting from idea to page

Yesterday at around this time, a layout kind of "sprung" to mind.....meaning, I knew in my head what I envisioned it looking like complete, and exactly what I was going to use.
I immediately knew that I wanted tone on tone letters coming out of a Maya Road envelope, and filling out a page. I also knew that I wanted to highlight the initials of my kids by using red.
So, I got started by just putting the envelope on the page, die cutting some letters and scattering them. The plan changed....I decided to then use the negative of the letters, partly because I liked the way it looked and partly, I was a little lazy to keep die cutting.
Everything just went from there. I remembered that little pink card card being in an October Afternoon pack of goodies, and pulled out a few boxes of embellishments.
I have to say, that this layout looks NOTHING like the way I envisioned....BUT, I LIKE IT.

Wishing you all a little inspiration and alot of Sunshine.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some pretty pink paper from Girls Paperie

WOW....June already? Where is the time going? Life just got really, I mean REALLY busy. It is definitely both my favorite and my worst time of year...only because there is SOOOOO much going on, but also getting ready to wind everything down for the Summer. You know, dance, exams, end of school, being taxi to children....that kind of stuff. Which leaves little time for the leisure, crafting stuff. So here is a layout I did a couple weeks ago using some Girls Paperie Paper (paper which I love).
If I remember correctly, this layout may have started from a sketch, and then kinda worked itself out. I know that I have said before, but sketches are without a doubt my very best starting point, especially when I know I want to do a layout....and don't have a solid idea in mind.

Wishing you all a wonderful last couple of weeks till school is out, and there are no more school lunches to make and pack till September.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Who says rocket ships and space are just for boys

No way....ROCKET AGE rocks!
Most people walk into the store, and at first glance may think, they may not have a use for rocket ships and space kinda paper, BUT, I beg to differ. Just open your minds, think outside the box, think outside the lines, and think of the LAYOUT possibilites that this FANTASTIC line of papers offer. So far I have managed to do two separate layouts...neither of them boy or space related. Part of the line is also, this great little pack of goodies called "miscellany", which comes with lots of little odds and ends which are SOOOOO good for some clustering and embellishing.

Look closely at the word "LOVE"....I wrote the word in pencil, used my paper piercer to poke holes and then handstitched it. Got to say, I quite like the result of that.
Wishing you all a weekend filled with some time to create.
Happy scrapping, happy crafting.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never forget the simple things.....

'm walking on sunshine , wooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
I'm walking on sunshine, woooah
and don't it feel good!!

YEP...that just about describes the way I feel right NOW!
YEP.... those are my feet up on the patio table, after a hard but wonderful day of filling planters, I mean LOTS of planters (about 33, so far) with all sorts of beautiful flowers.
I have to say, that this long May weekend, happens to be one of my favorites, weather permitting of course. It signifies so much....the beginning of the end of another school year, the closeness of Summer, longer days...a SLOW down, a STOP and BREATHE kinda feeling. We are so programmed to always be on the go, rushing, picking up, dropping off, doing, going...that so seldomly are we able to just sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labour. And that, my friends is what these pictures are.

Wishing you a wonderful remaining weekend filled with simple pleasures.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Ok, I have to say that the whole "Project Life" thing can be totally addictive.
I am still so super excited about it, because it is just such a great way to scrapbook the pictures that would never get scrapbooked, without actually scrapbooking. If that all makes much sense.
I mean, it also makes me super aware that even though I may think that everyday and every week is really basically the same....it really isn't. It's the small things that make each day different. I look at these pictures, and I keep thinking to myself...and I keep saying to myself, that I am just so grateful to have found this whole scrapbooking thing. It really is kinda like an autobiography, an ongoing story of everything about us.
I have actually found it quite difficult this week to sit myself down and do a layout, simply because I am LOVING this whole "Project Life" documenting the "little everyday things".
So here is my Week Two.




Wishing for a week of sunshine and smiles.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Life

Well after looking, following, reading, scouring and stalking everything PROJECT LIFE.
After realizing that one can start at any time of the year, that JANUARY is NOT the rule for beginning, after reading more and more bloggers who participate in this project, after discussing and debating the subject ad nauseam with Helen (partner and participant in crime)...I finally decided that I just had to do it to. Now let me tell you, this kit is super amazing. You actually get a 12x12 album, the page protectors enough to complete the year, a rolling date stamp, and boxes of the most fabulous journaling cards.
I LOVE the idea of one day being able to look back at our LIVES, you know, the ordinary everyday, simple things. The pictures that don't necessarily ever make it to a scrapbook page, the receipts of what we spent, reminders and ephemera of places we went.
So this is it....for a year. MY PROJECT LIFE.



I also added the insert from the Newspaper for my Week One, with the Royal Wedding headlines. It is great to be able to take different size page protectors as additional inserts.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Going outside my comfort zone

There is no doubt about it, I absolutely LOVE sketches. I also like the simple task of scraplifting. Just makes everything so much quicker and easier. No guessing, no matching, no moving papers around and about the page. But every now and then, I also like to just put a photo on a page and go with what comes to mind. Without, a plan, or an idea. Sometimes its a product that gets me going....and I have to say that with this layout it definitely was the product. I am a huge fan of Studio Calico stuff, and even if I don't necessarily know immediately what I will do with it, I do know that it will make it to a page some time sooner or later. The reason that I call this post "going outside my comfort zone", is because, although I love sprays and rubons....I don't always feel comfortable using them. I know WHY I don't either!!!! They are permanent, really permanent. The whole idea makes me nervous, NOT because of the commitment of putting them down on the page, but because, if I make a mistake or not happy with a result, I am stuck. Mistakes and all.

So this is my layout....a whole layout FULL of Studio Calico goodies. Then some BRAVERY of spraying tattered angels, and if you look really closely over my writing, you will see that it is less than perfect. It is not where I wanted or intended for the spray to go. But I had to let go of that wanting perfection, because years from now, or even tomorrow.....my children will never realize or know that that blob of spray was NOT supposed to be there. They will look at the layout, read the words and be thankful.....thankful to know what there mom was thinking and feeling.
I encourage YOU to go outside your comfort zones, to embrace imperfection and to let go.....just a little.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A scrappy weekend

What a wonderful long weekend, filled with lots of relaxation, food and scrap time.
My scrapping goal for this weekend, was to accomplish three layouts that I have had in my head for the past couple of weeks. Well....mission accomplished.
Now, I am not always such a big fan of ALL basic grey, however, I absolutely LOVED "wander", and knew that I was going to use it for this layout. I was not quite sure exactly what I was going to do, so I simply just pulled out the entire collection, and took it from there. There are so many elements within this paper, that are easy to cut out and use to embellish. It is hard to look at a "busy" piece of paper, and imagine how and where to use it. Sometimes, it is good to imagine it in small pieces, simply as accents or embellishments.
Have to say that this collection pack allows for alot of that kind of thing....cut around a shape, pop dot, and VOILA!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, and a good week ahead!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just some "Stamping Bella" Love

K...so, maybe I could get used to using some stamps on layouts! Getting a little more BRAVE to do so. But, how could you resist them "circle stamps". Did I even mention that they fit with some punches? I love this set of "Julies perfect circles" How much fun one can have with these?

Well, I got to say that this layout started from just stamping the circles on a plain ole piece of white cardstock...just an experiment, you know. However, this experiment kinda turned out to be a finished layout. The possibilities are endless for some circles....I mean REALLY endless. You might be seeing a few layouts that are involved with these circles. Also, nothing quite like getting to use some of our older paper. I LOVE that!!! OUT WITH THE OLD....IN WITH THE NEW!
Anyway, wishing you all a GOOD PASSOVER, A HAPPY EASTER and a WONDERFUL whatever it is you may celebrate.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some new Stamping Bella stamps are coming

And I love them.....
Can you see them?
You see where it says "this is US"
You see where it says "this is YOU"


Those are them.....the new "Stamping Bella" Stamps.
Just to let you know that there is also a "this is ME" in the set.

So much fun doing this layout....especially getting to use paper from the new Crate Paper Portrait Collection. Have to say that this layout was actually inspired by a picture that Emily had showed me from from Pinterest, just of tumbling frames. It is great to be able to take something from somewhere else and use it as inspiration for a layout. Whether it be colour combinations, fonts or design principles....there is inspiration all around us. It is just up to us to see it, notice it and apply it in some way or another.
Wishing you all a week filled with inspiration!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still Loving the Lille Collection

I have to say that no matter what, I love 7 gypsies....even if, I don't always know quite how to use it, or what to do with it. This layout actually started from looking at a sketch (as most of my layouts do). However, by the time that I had finished it, it looked NOTHING like the sketch.
Once I had placed all the paper, I pulled out my entire HUGE box of 7 gypsies stash, with the intention of using some to embellish.....but then I thought to myself...."MMMM, lets get some Crate chipboard instead". It is my constant mission to keep using stash on hand. Hence, you will notice "Tim Holtz" filmstrip ribbon and "KI memories" stickers.
By the way, I also LOVE that new edger punch.

Wishing you all a week of accomplishing something creative!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

February 2011 Photo love Layout

As you know, I have decided to try and participate in the Two Peas Free Monthly Challenge called "Photo Love", with Shimelle Laine...so here is my 2 photo layout.
I have to say, that I really enjoy this challenge, simply because, other than the sketch, and the number of photos required for each month....one can use any papers and embellishments that one wants.

I love the new 7 gypsies "lille" collection, and with a sketch as a guideline, I found it much easier to use the papers. Looking at these papers, they are simply stunning....BUT, busy...oh so very BUSY. Busy enough, that they can be a little intimidating to use, that we may question...um...um...um....not so sure HOW to use them. Now, don't think that you can just buy one of each sheet! NO SIRREE!!! because you need the back and the front. As busy as one side may be, the other side is simply essential to have as well. So if perhaps, you are not quite sure how to use a "BUSY" paper, just start with a sketch. If you have not already looked at the "Photo Love" Challenge, I encourage you to do so....and I especially encourage you to participate.
Wishes to all for a week filled with sunshine and good things.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A two peas sketch challenge

Just wanted to share my one photo "sketch layout" challenge from Two Peas. Every month a challenge is posted, starting off using one photo for the first month, two for the second, three for the third....you get the picture....12 photos on the 12th month. I have actually never participated in any kind of challenge before, but because I really like "Shimelle".....a Garden Girl, I did want to participate in this challenge. I started off by just picking the photo that I wanted to use and going with it. Sometimes, it is quite overwhelming to decide on which papers and embellishments to use, so the simple thing is pull out everything from one manufacturer or paper line. That way, you are guaranteed that everything matches and co-ordinates.
For this layout, I pulled out my entire "Cosmo Cricket" stash, picked a colour scheme and enjoyed papers and goodies that I have not seen for a long time. You know, some of the older stuff.....(we all have some).

So here it is....
I hope to continue in this challenge each month. Having the sketch definitely takes the guesswork out of where to start.
Wishing you all a day, a week, a month of good things ahead!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Room for the New (stuff, that is!)

Well, I know that all the really nice new stuff from CHA will be coming along soon, and overwhelming me in every which way....SO....for the past few weeks all the layouts that I have done, have all been with stuff that I have. YEP, you heard right......NOTHING NEW!
Using all my stash, allows me to clear out, take inventory and make room for all the goodies that I know I will want.

This layout was inspired by a sketch, and I just knew that this Girls Paperie Paper was exactly what I wanted to use. It truly is amazing to see exactly what we have hidden in terms of paper and embellishments. I was just waiting for the right time and place to use this. In fact, this is the second layout I have done with my "Girls Paperie" stash. So, I hope that for everyone who reads this, that you pull out something old and make it something new.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

INSPIRATION everywhere



The above water bottle is what sits on my desk at work, right in front of me....every single day!
I look at it, I read the little sayings on it, I fill it twice a day, and I am very inspired by it.
Not only inspired from the "wellness" aspect, but based on the above layout, from a creative aspect as well. Like I have mentioned sometime before, I am not the biggest user of stamps on layouts, BUT I really loved the idea of trying to do a stamp collage looking attempt. I have to say, I quite like the end result.
Wishing everyone a week filled with sunshine and smiles.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a little plain and simple....with a polaroid stamp

K. let me first begin by saying this layout is totally done on white cardstock....really hard to tell by the below picture......BUT...............look closely...........really closely.............

Yep, my favorite, the "stamping bella" polaroid stamp. I mean c'mon, how can you NOT love it?
How can you NOT want to own it?
So simple, yet so stately (is that a word?) I just have to say....I LOVE THAT STAMP!!!!
There is so little on this layout, yet, in my mind....it says so much. I have to agree with the saying "less is more". Sometimes, we feel so obligated to fill our page with so much...simply because we have so much, or because there is so much empty space which to fill. However, with this layout, I was just so satisfied with the simplicity and cleanliness of it, that I just did NOT feel the need to clutter it up and layer it with embellishments (which I usually love to do.)
I encourage you to do a layout....using less, to create more!