Sunday, September 25, 2011

A layout challenge

Well if any of you have seen the new line of Amy Tangerine Papers for American Crafts, you will understand where my idea of a layout came from. I was at work and kept hinting to Emily that we needed to look at this really cute Amy Tangerine line. Finally, enough was enough....we sat down together and looked at all the paper and goodies. CUTE....REALLY CUTE!
There was one style of paper that had some print on the left side with clouds kinda over it. We didn't order it, however, Emily did put the idea into my head that it would be a great challenge if I could do a layout, with the same idea, using some "Stamping Bella" stamps.
Now how perfect is it that the "I AM script" and "Cloudy hanging block" actually exist, within the line of the greatest stamps in the world.

It was a great starting point for my layout, and without a doubt a challenge for me. Especially that there was nothing, like a sketch that I had in mind to go from. I just sat down, decided to use paper that I had, and went with it. You know what? I kinda like the way it turned out. I also proved to myself that I don't always NEED to have a sketch to get started. The best way to get a layout started, is to just sit down, challenge yourself by pulling out a few papers and a few embellishments, and JUST DO IT!
Wishing you all everything wonderful for the week ahead.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Art Journal Monday

Wow, September 12th.....really? When did that happen? Didn't the Summer just begin?
WHERE DID IT ALL GO, and so fast?
So here I am, kids settled in back at school, Honk Kong vacation just a memory, longer nights, shorter days, you know, back into the whole routine of life. In the whole scheme of things, it is very easy to get "swallowed" up into this everyday routine, so much so, that we seldom have time to enjoy or participate in our leisure activities, simply because at the end of each day, we may also be just to tired.
Now you see, over at the Stamping Bella blog....there is this fantabulous "Art Journal" Monday thing. So each week Emily kinda dishes out something to get the juices flowin' on the page.
The prompt for this week was using your favorite quote. So here is mine.

Don't let the whole art journaling thing intimidate you, there is NO right or wrong, it is what it is, it's what you feel, it's what translates from the heart and soul right at that moment. There is no method, there is no medium that says "this is for ART JOURNALING". It is what you FEEL!
Now I can only encourage you to pick up a book, any blank book, and get started!
You will be glad you did.