Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bring on some of that ole Material Girl Cosmo Cricket

Its been a firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who are reading this.  I wish for you all the things that I wish for myself....a year full of good health and happiness, as well as some magic and wonder that pave the way in 2013.
I was determined to do a layout about this skirt. It is one I have been thinking of for a while. It is a skirt and a story that mean alot to is about another world, another life from many years ago. It is about a skirt that I remember my mom wearing when I was a child. Actually when she was younger than I am now.

I wanted so badly to do a layout so that one day, this story and this skirt would be remembered. It started with a sketch.....and I just let it go from there. One good thing about following sketches is that it just acts as a starting point if you want it to. I also pulled out some OLD, really OLD paper....Cosmo Cricket (which I still LOVE),  that just happened to work well with the story. Remember, everything old, is NEW again.