Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some pretty pink paper from Girls Paperie

WOW....June already? Where is the time going? Life just got really, I mean REALLY busy. It is definitely both my favorite and my worst time of year...only because there is SOOOOO much going on, but also getting ready to wind everything down for the Summer. You know, dance, exams, end of school, being taxi to children....that kind of stuff. Which leaves little time for the leisure, crafting stuff. So here is a layout I did a couple weeks ago using some Girls Paperie Paper (paper which I love).
If I remember correctly, this layout may have started from a sketch, and then kinda worked itself out. I know that I have said before, but sketches are without a doubt my very best starting point, especially when I know I want to do a layout....and don't have a solid idea in mind.

Wishing you all a wonderful last couple of weeks till school is out, and there are no more school lunches to make and pack till September.


  1. love this layout Dena. the papers are amazing!!

  2. This looks so sweet.
    Love that line of paper too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am VERY behind in my blog reading, obviously, but there does come a time when you can tell the kids "you are old enough now, and i'm NOT doing that anymore"...and when the boys were in high school i thought i'd rather fork out the insurance for them to have a car so they could drive and come home for lunch and fend for themselves rather than me make one! i think when they got their license I regained my independance! And now they they are of legal age I can also send them to the liquor store to get mamma a bottle of wine! LIFE IS GOOD!