Sunday, November 7, 2010

When you just don't want to think on your own....

.....think SCRAPLIFT!
Well, let me tell you how grateful I am that some other people have put together layouts, with products that I have loved and purchased. I remember when American Crafts Abode line came out....I just had to have it. Every time I looked at the paper, at the thickers, at the cute little house and button embellishments, some kind of layout would spring to mind. However, since I bought all that stuff, there has been way to much NEW to concentrate on the old. So today, as I was cleaning and organizing a little of my scrap space, I came across an older AC catalogue, and was thrilled, I mean really thrilled to see the reason that I must have saved it. Yep, the layout that you see below. I would love to give credit to the person who did it. I can't because there was no name attached, so therefore, whoever you are, that designed this for American Crafts, thank you. It was so enjoyable just sitting there doing this layout, without having to think about where anything was going to go....I had it all in front of me. The only thing that I changed from the original layout was maybe the colour of the chipboard button, more thicker words above and an additional circle, so that I could add some journaling.....and VOILA! I mean, c'mon, how easy is that. So, to you my peeps, if you ever just want to sit down and do a layout....SCRAPLIFT one.

The other thing that I did this weekend, was begin another quilt. I am doing this one in a class, which I am really excited about. I will now get to learn how to go about doing certain things being able to use a rotary cutter as a left handed person. Yep, up until now, I did not know the blades on those things rotated to the other side to accommodate a leftie. I just walked around my dining room table a million times to cut fabric. NOW... I don't.
Could not help but take a picture of the fabrics that I have chosen for this new quilt. I really have to say....I LOVE THEM. Fabric is beginning to remind me alot like scrapbook paper, and a quilt, the finished page. I hope that my colour combo makes you as happy as it makes me.

So my friends....give yourselves permission this week to sit down and just SCRAPLIFT.
Wishing you all a week filled with everything wonderful.


  1. Beautiful fabric! I love that colour combination. I'm looking forward to the lesson when you learn machine stippling. :)

  2. Love scraplifting!! So much talent out there....And your fabric is amazing!! Love the photo of the whole family!!!

  3. You have to teach me how to do this one day. I am beyond frightened and fabric and sewing or measuring.... And your quilts have been amazing. I am inspired how you through yourself into whatever passion you r feeling. :)

    I succumbed to scrap lifting at the retreat and after 10 years or so of doing is, I am finally able to give in and copy with great pleasure.

    And d, if you can scrap lift you can stop reading a book you are not enjoying midway thru and feel compelled to finish!

  4. love your quilt fabrics Dena ...... and 'scraplifting' .... love it too!! especially love to 'lift' some of your amazing layouts!!