Friday, November 19, 2010

Sew Easy....and So Many Possibilities

Have to say, "much excitement" over the new sew easy tool, and all the associated goodies.
Now, I also have to be honest in admitting that I don't usually go bonkers over new tools and know, coz' they tend to be a little more costly, and my mentality dictates that I would rather have "LOTS" of things (like paper), than one thing. Sometimes, there is an exception to this rule. The sew easy, I did want. What a great tool, let me tell you. Options allow for six different heads....all very reasonably priced...and I LOVE the coordinating spools of floss that you can purchase. Just all so incredibly yummy.

This is the cross stitch head that I used at the top of my layout.
The zig-zag stitch that I used a little on the bottom


BTW...the layout looks a little for this I picture taking skills need a little improvement. Now you might be thinking if you got a sewing machine, who needs a sew easy? The stitches look so very's a whole different look. Floss vs thread. Thick needle vs thin needle. I really like it.....and I think you will to.
Wishing you all a weekend filled with sunshine and some time to do something crafty.


  1. ohhhh noooo, I meant to get that today and I forgot!! Love you layout Dena!

  2. Love your layout!!!! And I cannot wait to get my tool!!

  3. Wow Dena, love the layout! I need this tool!