Monday, September 13, 2010

Why wait....when there is Crate?

What I really mean by that title is...Why wait to do a winter or Christmas layout, when Crate Paper is in my favorite store (Stamping Bella), right now?

So, looking at all this STUNNING paper, I could not resist the urge to pull up some of last Winters pictures. I mean isn't that what scrapbooking is all about....we eventually have just the right picture to match just the right paper. Let me tell you people.....YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING, I MEAN NOTHING, AS FABULOUS AS THIS CRATE PAPER RELEASE.
I have to say this line is outfreakingstanding....really all three of there new lines.
Please proud of myself. I used the Stamping Bella Stamp "Capture the Moment", and stamped it on the back of one of the papers, FROSTY (to be exact). C'mon, doesn't it look like it was part of the paper and was supposed to be there?
I urge you all to get really scrap happy with the new Crate Paper, and start creating.
Enjoy your week, and don't forget to make a little time for yourself.


  1. Love the layout!! And the stamp goes create with you - what ink did you use? You totally rock your layouts & posts!!

  2. No one should Wait when there is Crate!!! Beeeyootiful job sistah