Sunday, September 19, 2010

This weekend marks the beginning of a new quilt

Like I have said before....I am very unclear about when and how I started to quilt, and I never believed that I would ever say the words, "I quilt"......

never say never

So this is the beginning of my second quilt. I found the pattern in a magazine and headed off to buy the fabrics....WELL, the lady at the store advised that the pattern might be a little more than I was able to do as a second project, without ever having done a quilting class.


the more someone tells me I can't do something, the more motivated I am to do it.
(why doesn't someone tell me I will NEVER lose weight?)

I guess that one could say a pattern is much like a recipe, so I followed directions with cutting my fabric.....easy peasy! Then came the little challenge, of what quilters call "half square triangles". After practicing on a few scraps, determined to do it....I DID IT. Yep, half square triangles, with no lesson.


if you really want to do something.....YOU CAN!

Yesterday, I decided to start sewing my squares together.....I sewed and I sewed and I sewed, and the next thing I knew, I sewed the entire quilt top. AND I LOVE IT!

I just wanted to share the beginning of this project with you, and look forward to showing you my second complete quilt. Don't worry, I have already started gathering fabric for my third one.
Just looking at all the colours together makes me happy, reminds me of patterned scrapbook papers that I love. I am happy for all the hobbies that occupy my time.
Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with time for you to enjoy YOUR hobbies.


  1. absolutely beautiful Dena ....... you are so creative!! I wish some of your creativity would run off on me ;-)

  2. I love that quilt!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!! The picture is great but really when its done you should show case it at the store as it breath taking in person. You did an amazing job selecting the fabric & everything works so great - you laid everything out perfectly!! Its a great 2nd quilt....I can't wait for your third!!!

  3. I'm still admiring it...and I can't get enough of it...!!

  4. It turned out really well...I'm impressed!! Love the colours of the fabrics. Now you need to start doing more quilting in the borders. It doesn't have to be can be a simple pattern, but it really adds to the finished product. Let me know when you need a lesson. LOL

  5. OMG it's awesome Dena ! No lessons???? You are a talented chickie. And an insirpation to me. thanks for sharing!

  6. Dena, it's amazing, the colors are stunning! How did we all take that turn to quilting? You should be proud, it is just beautiful!

  7. rocks...I too never thought I would "quilt" the word kinda makes me feel like I should be in a flannel nighty with a bun in my hair or something like that....

  8. regan, Dena and I just read this and totally LOL'd.. you ROCK sistah! LOL!

  9. That looks wonderful Dena. Love the spring colours.

  10. poopoo on those snotty quilters who think they know everything! i have made MANY a quilt and it ain't that tough if you can cut fabric and sew an even seam!

  11. How gorgeous. Just love your quilt. And with the weather getting cooler, it's going to be cozy cuddling up in your new quilt.

  12. I LOVE it! Great job! I started quilting this summer after I brought back some of my Mom's old quilt stuff. My first project is still in process and it is..gulp...a pinwheel quilt with ALL half square triangles! Yes, I am crazy, but having so much fun. I too am determined to prove people wrong when they tell me something is too difficult for me to do (my first knitting project was a pair of mittens!). I think you have done wonderfully! Oh, and "you can't lose weight, Dena, you CAN'T lose weight!" LOL. (ps: I need someone to tell me that I "can't" lose weight either. *sigh*)