Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tales from the Scale

July 7, 2010

So here I go again.....back to Weight Watchers, and celebrating my return with a layout.
Don't be fooled with the term "lifetime" simply means, come back and get weighed at any long as you are within your two pounds of goal weight, you don't pay. "LIFETIME" member DOES NOT mean.....once you reach your goal weight, you will necessarily maintain it for a lifetime.
Now, if I am not mistaken, several blog entries ago, I recall doing a journal page, called "Accountabily and Goals"....remember? Well, that too, was a celebration of a Weight Watchers return. However, the celebration went on, and I never returned.
This time, I had it all figured out....I was going back to the scales, simply because I had a layout in mind, which incorporated the October Afternoon Paper, which I have been saving for just the right time. Not to mention the Tim Holtz ruler ribbon. I mean really, how many times have we dressed for an occasion, just so that we could get the picture, to use the product. Yep, that's EXACTLY why I crusaded myself back on this journey (NOT).

Got to say....look closely at the left hand side of the page.....just LOVE using the little manila tags. Guess where they came from? Yep, none other than my favorite scrapbook store in the entire fact, that's where everything came from.....STAMPING BELLA.
Hope that you too, are all working on a layout, that you specially took pictures for, in order to use that paper that you bought.


  1. LIFETIME member would be so me... but for another reason... because I spend my life trying to lose weight... so I would be an **active** lifetime member LOL.
    back to your layout I LOVE... the little manilla tags are a nice touch....
    see you soon,


  3. Hi Dena! I wanted to let you know that I left you a blog award on my blog ( You can stop in and pick it up any time! :)
    Have a great day!

    The bloggy girl...Lisa! :)

  4. GO DENA!
    i've fallen off the wagon big time since i have been home. back to work on monday though...weigh in on Tuesday and 'accountability' starts again!