Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just working on a few things.....

July 25, 2010

It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I am sitting in my backyard, enjoying the fact that I CAN sit outside and BLOG. This post is also one to celebrate ALL that I am currently working on.

So, as you can see from the above picture, there are just a few projects on the go right now. I also adamantly refuse to sit inside and craft, when the sun is shining outside. With that philosophy of mine, I have come to accept that I do lose some precious crafting hours in honour of Summer, sunshine and good weather. Well, at this point in time, my crafting goals for the weekend have definately NOT been met. On Friday afternoon, I did write in my little handy dandy notebook, (which just happens to be a moleskin) what projects I wanted to accomplish on the weekend. Don't ask me how I just became a quilter, but it kinda just happened. I think my good ole' friend Agnes, printed out a "how to do your first quilt" from Susan Weinroths Blog, which also happened to be on the same day as Emily, Agnes, Dianne and I went on a little field trip to a fabric store. So, after looking at all the BEEUTIFUL fabrics, I decided that I definately needed to quilt, because fabric was NOW scrapbook paper. In and amongst spending some fabulous time with Zoe (my eight year old youngest, but most mature), I managed to get some quilting done....actually more than I expected. I was clearly NOT going to sleep until all these rows down and rows across were joined. AND NOT, I might add, as easy peasy as I expected. Helen, if you are reading this, I pulled out row 4 about 4 times.
Looking at the above picture, I am grateful for all these wonderful hobbies, that bring me so much enjoyment and fulfillment, but that will also leave behind a story with every single piece, page, layout, picture and quilt. I never allow myself to believe that I am to busy for some time to can be as short a time as the five minutes it may take to glue things down......but it's my time.
I wish you a week of enjoying all the unfinished, and soon to be finished projects on your desks.
Remember, don't stress about it.....take a few moments each day to enjoy your time.


  1. You inspired me to get a moleskin! Bought it today at a Chapters in Sudbury while visiting with my son. But alas I have no colourful pens and I need to learn to doodle funky! A new project to start but at least this one has no end date! Sindi

  2. I'm loving this post!! So many projects so little time! Can't wait to tackle many of these myself. Love your quilt so far & that art journal page -- amazing!!! And its obvious I need a moleskin...will be at Chapters tomorrow right after work!!!

  3. Oh, you'll put out many more rows in your quilting journey. It goes with the territory. LOL. Even though you didn't get everything on your list done, at least you did SOMETHING! Which is more than most of us do. I still don't feel the need to own a moleskin, but...never say never...right? :)

  4. well said and very inspiring Dena ......

  5. OMG...i love to quilt and it was my passion before I got into this papercrafting's all about playing with color in any way shape or form