Wednesday, June 30, 2010


June 30, 2010

The "I am" stamp.....

Well let me start by saying that I could hardly contain my excitement at the i am stamp.
I mean really, that stamp is a must....and I knew immediately just what I wanted to do with it.
As mothers, as women, as many many times have you quietly said the words to yourself "who am I"?

Well this stamp says SO very much in just two LITTLE words.....
It can describe an emotion, an age, a feeling, as well as all the roles we play.....and heaven knows, we are many things to many people.
Take time....reflect....think about who you are?
Think about the layout you can can do with the "i am" stamp.
Just do it......get the stamp, and do the layout....
By the way....FYI....I know exactly just where you can get this stamp.


  1. absolutely gorgeous layout Dena ..... nice pic!! love the red flowers too

  2. Love the layout...totally love how you used the stamp!

  3. I love this layout and really love how you used the stamp...the symbolism of cutting out the image in the mirror and accepting 'what is' is so deep! (or maybe I am just in a 'deep thinking' kind of mood...haha). Love it!

  4. Great page Dena!! and i love that stamp too!
    Now why didn't I pick it up today ??
    see ya next week
    isa x

  5. Dena, this layout is even more beautiful IRL if that's possible! I loved it!

  6. i really like the way you used the red against the dark page . i love the stamp too. can't wait to pick it up. btw loved your art journal page too. i have played with the donna downey journal from her class but i haven't done te sort of collage work you have done so well in your sample. looks great!