Monday, June 28, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere

June 28, 2010

I saw this quote in a magazine, and could not help myself from cutting it out....and using it for my inspiration in this art journal page. I also have a rule with myself, that I generally like to write the words out, as opposed to just cutting and pasting them. I always feel that part of the art is the actual writing itself.....BUT, here, I decided to break the rule. I mean which voice inside my head said that I was NOT supposed to cut and paste words. I made that rule myself....and in the world of art journaling....RULES JUST DO NOT APPLY.
So in terms of inspiration, I have found myself ripping up adverts in magazines, which I sometimes file and put away, because in some way, they have inspired me, whether it be because of colour or design. As I have said before, allow yourselves to be inspired and to use an idea on a scrapbook page, journal page or card. Sometimes even just a colour scheme is enough to take the guesswork away and just get started.
Enjoy the week.....and enjoy Inspiration Everywhere.


  1. Love this but I think you forgot to glue down the kitchen sink on that page, no? LOLOL. Really, it is amazing. This journey has taken us both to levels we never thought we have reached.. HAVE WE LOST OUR MINDS?? How many people wanna join us??? LOL

    Feeling inspired. Please bring it in for me tomorrow so I can inspect closely


  2. totally lost our minds....grown adults just gluing paper....

  3. Amazing journal page!! Just love everything you do Dena!!!

  4. This is an amazing page of your journal Dena. And I just LOOOVE the whole thing. You are so talented (jealous? moi?)
    isa x