Thursday, June 3, 2010

C'MON GET HAPPY NOW (and one more sleep)

June 3, 2010

HAPPY....did someone say "happy".....just doing the "happy dance"......around and around.
One more sleep......for what? THE FINAL COUNTDOWN......the final countdown to what?
...............DONNA DOWNEY...................
So here it is, an art journal page to celebrate the way I feel right now.
I really can't wait for this weekend, starting tomorrow, especially that the excitement has been building and building. I mean ridiculously so. Starting from when boxes arrived in the store, which had a sent from Donna Downey address. Just thinking about this weekend, makes me smile all over. Three days of classes filled with everything I could possibly dream of doing and being with people that all have the same excitement for the event that I do.

So here's to me, to you, to paint, to spritz, to canvas, to colour......but more importantly....
Here's to the person who made this all possible, the same person who makes my everyday wonderful and fills it with laughter, and makes me wish the journey will never end. Here's to you Emily!


    just kiddink! I am even MORE excited than you.. This is going to be the event of a lifetime! Here's to our trip to the airport tomorrow with starbucks in hand!
    CHEEEEEERS sistah!

  2. you guys have such a wonderful positive energy .... I can feel it just reading your comments .... have a super time this weekend

  3. What an awesome post dedicated to two are just amazing. Can't wait to meet Donna & to see everyone excited!! Love your jornal page!!!!!

  4. enjoy sounds awesome

  5. another FABtastic journal page! i didn't get to studio one for the pan pastels...mark was tired and i let him off the hook for me spending too much time at yet another store! but i'm heading to michaels this afternoon to get me a journal!!!! keep 'em coming dena!!!!

  6. holy poop...Dena...I really need to learn how to do this stuff..if I tried it would look like my scraproom threw up all over it..bwhahahah

  7. Deanna just when I think ur fabulous you are even more so. Such beautiful WORK! I ove every thing you do girl. I look forward to your blog. Thank you so much for sharing

  8. Linda and I can NOT WAIT to get up there in a few weeks and try this out!! I kept trying to comment when Blogger was down...these post of yours are killin me Dena...i could eat them UP!!!

  9. can't wait to play with you guys.....Linda....I got the cork popped...Paula, I got some diet pop and judge judy waiting.