Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Life....17 weeks and still going strong

Well, I am VERY pleased to say that Project Life is still going strong. Yep 17 weeks into twenty twelve, all up to date. It seems as though everyone started off this year with a big bang of enthusiasm doing Project Life. For some, that spark has subsided just a little. For others, they are weeks behind, but still doing what needs to be done. My advice is simple....if you are behind, really behind. DON'T GIVE IT UP. It is better to just pick up from here and now, the current week and move forward with it. I promised myself at the ontake of this commitment, that IF if fell behind, THAT I would NOT stress over it, BUT just pick up from where LIFE is at. Remember in the years to come, it will not matter that some weeks may be missing or incomplete....IT WILL MATTER FAR MORE of the weeks that are documented. Worry about what you can do.....not what you can't. Spend time moving forward.
Remember WHY you embarked on the whole Project Life journey. 



I encourage you....keep going!

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