Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life.....Week Five

Well, here it is.....WEEK #5 of twenty 12!
And still loving everything about project life. I mean every single blog, that I happen to read, every where I seem to go scrapbook related all seems Project Life related. Yep, it seems like the whole entire world is doing it. But, you what, it's a good thing. I say this because, just in case you are feeling uninspired or unsure of where to begin, there is just SO much inspiration on so many blogs to get you going. More often than not, I find myself looking at someone else's and walking away with a new idea, even if it is just the placement of a piece of paper, a tag, a stamp or a sticker. Project Life seems like this HUGE, global project that everyone is working on together and sharing. I love the enthusiasm and conversation that it has brought along with it, on a daily basis to the people that I may see or speak to.
Everyone has there own way and routine of tackling this weekly documentation. My system works well for me, and DOES NOT make me stressed. Basically, I try and start sometime on a Thursday evening, even if it is just to print out a few pictures. I find I am far more successful when I manage to fit in a little bit of time each day between Thursday and Sunday, rather than sitting and doing the WHOLE week at a time. But, whatever works.

and this stuff kicks as..k no questions, tell no lies! (get it)
It is the most outstanding stuff to include on your pages....if you doing PL, you GOT TO HAVE IT!




Wishing you all a wonderful week of documenting something from your life!

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