Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's my style????

I can't tell you HOW many countless hours I have spent looking online at various art journaling blogs, trying so hard to learn, copy and incorporate ALL that I see, into my art journal.
For that day, there is nothing quite like it, and I think to myself "OMG, I want my pages to look just like those".....example, Pam Garrisons pages. Until the next day, and the next style that I see. From paint, to doodling, to collage, to just plain old journaling. Trying so hard to find the one technique or type, that I can truly say, "that's my style". Well guess what.....I have finally given myself permission to acknowledge the fact that I can just carry on enjoying the process, whatever that may be, without having to try and fit myself into a style or mold. I mean, I like it all, so WHY do I have to limit myself to just one specific look. There is something to be said for doing a little bit of everything. Our mood changes on a daily (or hourly basis), and that can be reflected in the type of page we just feel like doing. I am okay with the fact, that ALL my pages are different....I'm learning to like that! And like I always say....there are no rules in art journaling, there is no right or wrong.

Just let yourself go within a blank page, don't spend so much time thinking about what its supposed to look like at the end, don't rush out and buy things because you think you should.
Use what you have and enjoy the process.

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