Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 25 and still going strong

Yep, week 25 of Project Life, and still loving it.
So much so, that this week I will be ordering my kit for 2012. If you haven't seen what the choices are, I suggest you wander over to Becky Higgins Blog and check out the choices. Either Clementine or Cobalt. Any suggestions?

I have to say that I have drawn a ton of inspiration from reading Lisa Truesdells (gluestick girl)
blog posts. In fact, I was totally motivated to go out and get myself a typewriter, just because her journaling cards just looked so absolutely fabulously cool with typewritten font. (I do know that can also be done on the computer.) If you haven't checked out her blog, you absolutely should.

I will still admit to the fact that Project life is a time consuming endeavor, however I also still BELIEVE a very well worth endeavor. I have gotten into a groove of getting it done, simply by starting on a Thursday evening (provided I have time), printing a couple of pics from the week till that point, and then continuing on a Saturday or Sunday. I have also discovered that in the whole Project Life process, I have found myself grouping goodies, stickers, journaling cards and embellishments in a certain spot all together, so that I can simply pull out my "project life" box and get going. IT IS FUN, IT IS REAL, IT IS A DOCUMENT.

I have said before, and I will continue to say, that it NEEDS NOT be complicated. It is however you want it to be. Looking back, there are definately some weeks that are more embellished and decorated than others. I have also allowed myself permission to combine two weeks, if I have neglected to take enough pics to fill up for one week. This whole "Project Life" thing is wonderful....I am so glad to be doing it!

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