Sunday, August 29, 2010

Waiting for the right layout to use the stuff

August 29, 2010

Last Summer I decided I wanted to go into one of those little photo booths in the mall, you know, the one where you sit down, close the little curtain, and hope that NO ONE saw you going in on your own. C'mon, you know exactly which ones I am referring to. Either because you did what I did, or you saw some lonely person going in there alone, to smile at there reflection. Well those little pics were my intention for a layout last summer....guess what?
They sat in my wallet for a whole year.....just waiting, hanging out and waiting.

Well little did I know, but those photobooth pictures were actually waiting to meet American Crafts chipboard frames. FYI, those frames were also just waiting to get the lucky position on a layout. My point.....we, as scrapbookers have so much STUFF, which of course we justify, and have every intention of using......AND WE DO......even if it's a year later.
So, this week pull out something that you really could NOT wait to use and enjoy.
Have a wonderful week filled with something creative.


  1. you are so right Dena ...... I love this layout (& the pics, of course!!)

    can't wait for your September 'surprise' class!! you will be doing one won't you??

  2. shut uuuuup...its brilliant!

  3. Love this layout!!! Love those photo booth pics of you!!!

  4. Love this layout Dena! I think that we could all do a "many faces of..." layout! I love that you are sharing your layouts about yourself!