Friday, June 15, 2012


I have to admit that I have always been a fan of 7 gypsies. I also have to admit, that I don't know if I am a fan just because I LOVE the name "7 Gypsies"... it just conjures up a world of mystique, travel, sights, sounds and places I dream of going. No matter what, it is one of those lines that I always seem to buy, not necessarily buying it with a plan in mind. Now, I also have to admit, like in any collection, some lines are definitely better than others.....and I felt that this was the case with "Postale".
Everything just sat on my desk for quite a while, but I knew that if I left it all out, so that I could see it, I would eventually JUST KNOW how I was going to use it. 

I also knew that I very much wanted to do a layout with this picture....and without much thought at all, the layout came together on its own. I simply used bits and pieces of the paper, along with some of the index cards. Most important of all for me, was the journaling. This layout was about the words, more so than the picture. I wanted it clean and simple....I wanted the words to be important. 
So sometimes, if you NOT quite sure about what or how to use a patterned piece of paper, just all comes together.

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