Sunday, April 8, 2012

Konnichiwa Rocks

Ok, so I got to admit, that generally speaking I usually DON'T buy collection packs, for a number of reasons. One reason being that I don't believe that I need to have, nor will ever use all the papers that come in a collection. I also have an on again, off again like/dislike with Basic Grey.....some of there collections are outstanding, and some are okay. Well, when I saw Konnichiwa, I just knew that I had to buy the collection pack. Every sheet, whether it's the front side, the back side or both is outstanding. I LOVE the colours, and the patterns. I must admit that I also wanted to buy it, because I had pictures from last Summer when I was in Hong Kong and I thought that the paper would be perfect. Now that I have done at least 3 layouts with this collection, I see that the paper can be used for any pictures, that it is NOT necessarily themed. It can work with whatever you may want it to work with. The second that I saw the collection pack, I was immediately inspired by the front cover of it, hence my below layout. Yep, it's pretty similar to the packaging with a few minor detail changes. But how I love those colours.

Wishing everyone a spring filled with warmth and colour everywhere.

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