Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Holiday Season is over....but not for October Afternoon Holiday Style

Well Christmas and New Years may be over, but now is the time to sit and scrap all those holiday photos, whatever it is that you may celebrate. We all get so caught up in the season, we all take so many pictures with the intention of getting them scrapped.....AND then, suddenly and quickly the season is over, and the excitement and enthusiasm has died down. Well, don't let it! Even if it is just a couple of pictures on one layout, get it done. Break the rule of "ALL OR NOTHING".....just do a little something.
When I saw the October Afternoon "Holiday Style" paper, I just knew that I had to have it. I am the most devout fan of OA in general, and LOVE everything. Even if I don't love it all on first sight, I usually land up buying each and every sheet of the paper in the collection....and, slowly, ever so slowly fall in love with each and every sheet.

Both of these layouts were inspired by various sketches. I tend to use the sketch as a kind of map to get started, so that I am NOT looking at blank page longingly and not knowing quite where to start. It is amazing how much a sketch helps to just get going. I also LOVED using all the little goodies to layer and embellish. Some people are always wanting to hold onto that one little piece, but remember, that there will always be another one little piece that you will love just as much. Use your stash, enjoy using it.

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