Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking the Rules

It seems as though we have some imaginary rules that hang over our heads, meaning "Project Life" is intended to be to documented every week, so that is "THE RULE", that we believe we need to follow and live by. Well, have I got news for you!!!! I broke the rule! But, really, who's rule? Seemingly, my own.
Whilst I was putting together week 29, I realized that I really did not have to much to say or show for it.....and after much agonizing and seeking out permission from fellow project life, partner in crime, Helen, I decided it was OKAY to combine two weeks together in one spread.

I mean really, as if some "Project Life" police are actually going to come to the door and question the fact. Also, I told myself that it was just better to get it done, rather than fall behind. In all the years to come, who is going to notice, care or pay attention to the fact that weeks 29 and 30 were together.....if anything, they will be grateful that there was documentation of these weeks in our life, rather than none at all.
Once I had given myself permission to go ahead and do this, it really made doing these two weeks very easy and fast to actually do. I also have to be completely honest in saying my greatest inspiration for my Project Life is referring to, and sometimes copying ideas from Lisa Truesdell's blog ( She is the most awesome "Project Lifer", and in fact, did a complete post on her whole process of getting together her pages.
Some advice....if you are thinking about, and comtemplating this remarkable documentation process for the new year ahead, do yourself a favour and check out her blog.
And, if you should see some know, I was peeking at hers.
I encourage everyone to embark on "Project Life", we only got one life, it is an important one....DOCUMENT IT.

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  1. Yeah I made it in there!! It was an awesome night out. I just love your project life!!!!