Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WEEK 13 of Project Life

Wow....I can't believe I have finished Week 13 and have kept up to date with this. I know that I have said several times before how much I enjoy doing my Project Life, but, let me say again....I think that this is THE GREATEST and most HONEST way of scrapbooking, without actually scrapbooking. You see, the difference is, that with doing a traditional kind of layout, we got to find the perfect picture, which is sometimes very posed; and then we need to match it to the paper, make sure we find just the right embellishments.....and now that we have gathered the goodies, we have to sit down and ACTUALLY do the layout. Whereas, with this little gem of Project Life....every picture, good or bad can make the cut. WHY? because it's LIFE!
It's the normal, everyday kinda stuff that, as much as we would like to, we never get around to scrapbooking. I am also extremely excited to say that as of Friday "Project Life" is going to Hong Kong. Yep, it's traveling to a new continent for two whole weeks.
So here is my spread for Week 13! And if any of you ever think you would like to do something like this....stop thinking, and just do it.




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