Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharing some Project Life

I am currently on Week 11 of Project Life, and still loving it!
Yes, it is time consuming.....but only because of the amount of time that I CHOOSE to spend doing it. I find myself taking pics of all sorts of everyday moments.....moments that NEVER would have made it to a scrapbook page. It is these "everyday" moments that I look at, and am grateful to have captured. I am also now so incredibly aware of taking pictures, almost all the time....which is where my iphone and I have bonded even more closely.


Basically, I try really hard to keep up with this, so that I am not left doing the entire week all on one day. If there is a picture that I know I want to include, I simply print it out, and immediately and put it in. Same goes for all the goodies that I may collect on a day to day basis...such as movie stubs and receipts that I may want to include.


It is easy for me to say that "Project Life" is definitely something that, at this point, I can see myself doing on a yearly basis. I mean, how great will it be for one day, my children to look back upon, and see all the "little moments, that helped make life big."
Here's to all of you, and your little moments.


  1. well said Dena .... I love Project Life also ... because you capture the 'smaller' day to day moments which are just as special as the "events" used in traditional scrapbooking

  2. Good for you Dena! I have "wanted" to do project life but haven't really found the time to get started yet. I was thinking of doing just a summer project life to document everything we do during the summer break with the kids.