Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Mexico Mini Book

It is finally done.....needless to say that it was started about 18 months ago.
Last Summer Making Memories put out this little mini book, which I just loved and had to have. I knew that there would be pictures from a trip sometime in the future that would move themselves onto the pages. Well shortly thereafter, one of my fave (amongst many) bloggers, Shimelle, featured the same little mini book online. So I got it together and embellished all the tab pages that came within. Can't tell you how cute and tempting it looked after it was done. JUST RIGHT for some trip pictures.
Then last September, I went on a trip to Australia and even packed the mini book in my bag with me, thinking that I would kinda start it and gather souvenirs and goodies from the trip and start it then. Well, the mini book followed me home, still bare with tales to tell.....Went straight back on the book shelf.


Our family Summer vacation was booked for Mexico, so down came the mini book, and this time I was determined to fill the pages......So here are just a few of them to see, filled with lots of memories of a time and place.