Thursday, October 4, 2012

Write this moment on your Heart

I have decided that sometimes "LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE". 
There are times that I may feel so inclined or even obligated to put as much as I possibly can on a layout. Reasons usually being, that I LOVE using my stuff, and I LOVE layering and clustering goodies and embellishments.  I felt that the beauty and simplicity of this photograph did not require, NOR should be fighting for the attention amongst decorative titles, embellishments or layers of paper.
I wanted to just keep it simple, and I think I am happy with the result. As I believe, and have said before, that in the years to come, when someone is looking at these is the photo and the story that will be recognized. No one will know if or how I agonized to get the embellishments in just the right place, in fact the embellishments might NOT even be noticed at all.

The wording on the photo is from one of the Ali Edwards digital downloads. I love those words, and I love the significance of them as the title printed directly onto the photograph. There is not to much else to distract from the focal point, other than a simple tag, a heart and a scattering of little wooden stars.
Wishing you all a Thanksgiving filled with very simple joys and well as lots of good food.

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  1. Stunning, you are always inspired. I enjoy learning from your style.