Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Everything old is new.....Again (including Rocket Age)

There is definitely a reason that we hold onto our "old" stash of scrapbooking papers and goodies. We intend to eventually use them. Today was the day......I have finally caught up with project life, yep, exactly caught up to the here and now. I had this picture in my mind, taken last October, that I wanted to use with October Afternoon "Rocket Age". I had intended the picture to go with the paper since over a year ago......BUT, you know how it is? Life catches up with us, we get really, really busy, and we simply move on from the things we intended to do. Well, never FORGET, that it is quite okay to scrapbook pictures from a year or several years ago....it is even okay to use papers and embellishments from several years or months ago. Remember, NOTHING NEW STAYS NEW!

Don't be hesitant or neglectful to use your older stuff....when you decide to pull it out, remember it is NEW again. Also remember, using the stuff previously bought makes room for the new....and I know how much we all LOVE new stuff.
Here's to old things being new and here's to the last week of summer.

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