Tuesday, August 23, 2011


C'mon people, how can you NOT want, need, have to have a "smash" journal!
It is imperative, a must, a definate!
Even if you plan to NEVER stick a thing into it, the pages are simply beautiful...you will enjoy looking at them, amongst all the supplies you also look at, and rarely use.
For those of you who are not familiar with Smash or have never seen any of the products. It is the most outstanding line of scrapbooking/journaling "STUFF" (for lack of better word), that has been marketed in such a way, that makes you just WANT to HAVE it all.
I guarantee after watching the little video snip on the "SMASH" blog, you to, will want one.
I remember in high school taking a plain, undecorated composition book, bought from the drugstore, and simply sticking absolutely every single thing, that had an iota of meaning to me in it. I mean from gum wrappers to notes passed in class, to movie stubs and napkins from restaurants. I can truly say that was definately the beginning of "scrapbooking" for me.
So now, years later......along comes "SMASH".

I like to think of my Smash book as simply a place to put anything that appeals to me...where there is NO right or wrong way of doing it. Where I can simply just glue or tape something in, that would have otherwise gotten lost or have not had the importance or look for a scrapbook page. How many times have you torn out a recipe from a magazine, and shoved it into your purse, only to re-emerge a year later as something you can't read or remember tearing out?
Well now you can just "SMASH" it in.

Wishing you all a wonderful last couple of weeks to "SMASH" before the Summer is done.

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  1. You know you've inspired me...now I just actually have to DO it. That's the hard part. I should cut that daisy paper up and just smash it in there...maybe that would get me started. LOL