Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"See My Garden, See My Soul"

May 25, 2010

I know that by looking at the above pictures, you may be asking yourselves, "where is the scrapbook layout?"...."Is this an art journalling entry?".....NO SIREEEEE!
This is a whole other part of me.....my garden. This was the most wonderful weekend....I spent so many hours planning, arranging, re-arranging and planting my garden. In my eyes, gardening is yet another creative outlet, we are able to express ourselves even more, in the plants that we buy, and how we arrange them. Do you like your flower beds and pots symmetrical, neat and tidy? OR a little, you know....wild, wooly and all over the place. Well....I have to have pots on my patio.....EVERYWHERE, grown and overgrown. In my opinion, one can never be surrounded by too many plants and flowers. There is nothing more relaxing to me, than coming home at the end of day, going into my garden, and gathering my thoughts.
For those of you who love this too, I wish you a warm, green and colourful Summer, and for those that are NOT too green thumb inclined, just start off with a small window box or planter. You will feel happy watching the fruit of your labour grow, flower and flourish.


  1. breath taking garden Dena ..... you are such a talented lady!!

  2. Love it Dena!!! So glad you enjoyed this weekend and you enjoy your garden so much!!

  3. love the garden - i just used the Garden Variety paper to scrap pics and make a minibook of what my hubby has done so far with our garden.