Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a Little Bit of this and a Little Bit of That

April 17, 2010

Well I did say that I would be posting and including some other stuff that keeps me HERE IT IS....yesterdays page from my art journal. Now if someone would have mentioned to me five months ago, the term "art journaling", I would have looked at them rather blankly, (Emily knows that look), and thought "huh". Well it was not until i discovered that it is the next best thing, or maybe on a par to scrapbooking. There are so many different approaches to doing and completing a page....sometimes I don't even know what style is really mine, and I incorporate alot of what I have seen and learnt all on one page. I have also stopped worrying so much about what the finished page will look like, and am allowing myself to enjoy the process more....I mean after all, it's my journal, housing my words, thoughts, emotions, lists etc...on the decorated page. Now if this all seems appealing, I urge you to check out Teesha Moore's Blog...that is what truly inspires well as Kelly Kilmer.
Remember, there is NO right OR wrong in this process...."JUST DO IT."

Also, I am really excited about starting Ali's "Week in The Life" fact, I can't wait....I rushed around today at work excitedly gathering the papers that I thought I would be using. The only problem is that, I declare myself, the ultimate Ali Edwards copycat, and NOT being able to have the EXACT same papers she showed, did throw me into a little panicked frenzy....however, with a little help from my friends Agnes and Diane, we were able to put together a group of seven papers which I love. "Week in the Life" really is a wonderful way to document our everyday lives....and I urge and encourage everyone to do will be glad you did.


  1. Love your art journal!!! Share share share... its amazing!!!
    You know you don't have to copy Ali, your creations are to die for!
    But it was a fun morning with you.
    Can't wait for "week in the life of" either and to see how yours turns out....loved your 2009 one.

  2. I love your new background!! You're a pro already! LOL

    I just read Ali's post about what her album is going to look like and I was thinking that this looks like a lot of work! Maybe it's because I'm soooo tired right now. I'm going to need major inspiration from you to do this. :)

  3. I think you're my new favorite blogger....sorry Em! But I'm mad, now I have to pay more attention to this art journal stuff you've been talking about, looks fab!
    Had fun yesterday!

  4. Dena I love the new blog! I will be stopping in often to see what you are doing. I absolutely love your stuff. The art journal page is amazing!

  5. Ummmmmm Diane.. Now you can start HARASSING dena and calling her to say WAITING... Instead of me! Wooohoooo!!!
    Dena I love love love the artt journal page.. So meaningful.. You need to tell me where you got those images..PROMPTLY... Perhaps I should have more scrapfests so the 3 of you can bond again???? Lol
    dena I am so happy you finally understand that you MUST enjoy the process and the art journaling has allowed you to do that!
    Mwah sistah! So proud!

  6. wow, beautiful work Dena .... you are so talented & creative!!

    will you be teaching us how to do "art journalling"??

  7. ack!!!

    Its about freaaaakin time girl...

    you are going right in my reader..I missed you at scrapfest!

  8. So bright and inspiring. Look forward to a "Week in the life."

  9. Awesome Dena! So glad you finally started a blog. Now I can stalk you!

  10. Very impressive - so proud of you! Now i don't have to wait to see your pages/layouts in person. Maybe next summer i will be taking a workshop from you instead of with you. Who knows where this will take you - follow your heart!

  11. so thrilled to have an eye view of your creativity, it gives me a closer view into the world of Dena, thanks for sharing


  12. Hi Dena! :) Love the blog and this post...very neat! :)

  13. Denabella,
    love you, love your layouts
    finally we have a blog to visit
    and it's boooutiful too!!!

    mwah sweetie